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Let’s Make Mousaka

Mausaka is one of my favourite meal. I love making it for my family and friends. It is a perfect for dinner and parties.

Trick or Treat Halloween Cake

Come on, let’s indulge together in a little sweet and scary decadence. Have you ever had visions of a little Jack o’ Lantern pumpkin surrounded with other little monsters in your head? You will enjoy making a very special Halloween holiday treat with a little help from these lovely trick or treat beggars.

Recipes for Kids – Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets competes with pizza as being a favorite amongst kids. Store or restaurant bough chicken nuggets have a lot of undesirable ingredients in them, so it is always better to make these at home. Here we give a recipe with a twist. Easy to make and delicious to eat and enjoy!

Chinese Okra Chicken Stir-Fry

I am the stir-fry queen. I will throw anything in a wok and cook it. I mainly like chicken and beef stir-fry.

Spring Mix Chicken Pizza

I like chicken pizza which isn’t a traditional way of serving pizza but it is a healthier alternative. I don’t eat pork and here lately, I have been reluctant to eat red meat. That only leaves me with chicken or fish and I don’t think fish pizza would be very appetizing.

Southern Style Dressing For Your Thanksgiving

A traditional southern style dressing recipe. Perfect for Turkey Day or Christmas.

Fig and Ginger Oatmeal Scones: A Healthy Upgrade To The British Classic

This fig & ginger scone recipes whittles down the “whites” and boosts up healthier ingredients without compromising taste and texture. This recipe maintains the integrity of the traditional British scone while giving it an upgrade in order to reduce sugar cravings through eating wholesome, delicious ingredients. These scones are delicious, indeed!

Simple Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a traditional side dish I make for my Thanksgiving dinner. People confuse yams with sweet potatoes but yams are large and have less nutritional value and are rarely found in American grocery stores. The benefits of these naturally sweet vegetables may lessen arthritis and asthma since they contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Baked Chicken Breasts

There are about a thousand ways to prepare chicken. I may season it with salt and pepper or use many herbs. Since dark meat is unhealthy, I use chicken breasts most of the time to cook with.

Banana Loaf

I used to work in a non-profit soup kitchen where all our food came to us as donations thus we never threw anything out. I learned how to turn the ugliest ingredients into something great. I was totally disgusted at some of the stuff that came in rotten.

7 Layer Chicken Nachos

7 Layer Chicken Nachos What are a better snack then nachos to eat during the game? You can make a simple meatless version which I use refried beans or try making a healthier version with chicken instead of ground beef. I didn’t think chicken nachos would turn out good.

How to Bake Halloween Ham and Egg Pie Monster

Ham and egg have been paired up forever and this great friendship works well in this easy and good looking pie. As a mum of three lovely boys I love to make memorable treats with a simple twist. Sometimes a little difference takes your previously ordinary meal to extraordinary.

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