Best Cake Decorating Ideas for Birthday | Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Recipes | So Yummy Cake

Best Cake Decorating Ideas for Birthday | Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Recipes | So Yummy Cake

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We Have Found The Most Yummy Egg Cup Recipe

While looking over some recipes this weekend, we came across one that you can use as either a quick Sunday morning special. Or, if you are looking for something different for dinner, you can use it for that meal too. We’re talking about The Best Bacon Egg Cups Recipe that popped out at us.

Food Shopping and the Empty Nest

When the kids move away to college and you experience the Empty Nest, sometimes you need to adjust your dinner preparation to accommodate. Here are some tips and best practices to live by from a mom who has experienced it.

Easy Cheeseburger Chowder in Dutch Oven

With Fall just around the corner, I’m thinking of soups and chowders to prepare in my enamel cast iron dutch oven. Who doesn’t like fresh bread or biscuits to go with soups and chowders. The following recipes are easy and very good. If you have any leftovers, those make excellent lunches to take to work or school!! Cookies are good anytime and I have added two (2) versions of Snickerdoodles for you to try.

A Tasty Cheese and Bacon Party Recipe

With party season getting into full swing now that fall is almost here, it’s time to drag out some your favorite standby party treats. Here’s one we like and found again while looking our recipe box.

Raw Vegan Superfood Recipes – Ideas and Suggestions

Every raw foodist should have their own personal recipe collection containing their favourite raw vegan recipes of all time. This will be helpful when they are in a rush for a recipe and will also be an invaluable tool to encourage a person to stay on track with their healthy lifestyle. What’s great about most raw vegan recipes is that they are super quick to make as they require absolutely no cooking whatsoever! Here are a list of the most popular recipe creations which are the staple foods of a raw vegan diet.

Garden Fresh Recipe: Tomato Basil Soup

Using fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden is a delicious and wonderful way to add variety to your daily menu. The key is finding delectable ways to prepare them to ensure you won’t waste any of your hard work in the garden. If you enjoy growing tomatoes and basil, I have a terrific garden fresh recipe for tomato basil soup.

Preparation of Quick Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a popular ingredient used in many cuisines in Mexican, Spanish and Italian food recipes. The sauce is made using tomatoes and is served as part of the dish as opposed to a side dish. It is served with meat, vegetables, pasta and more.

Simple XXXL Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

A delicious recipe for fulfilling those late night chocolate cravings. Try these XXXL chocolate chip cookies!

Homemade Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

In the mood for a chocolate chip cookie that isn’t soft of chewy but simply crunchy? This is a wonderful foolproof recipe to guarantee you crispy bite of heaven every time.

To Take Supplements or Not To Take Supplements?

Are you confident you and your family are receiving everything you need from your daily diet? In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to ensure we are getting all the essential nutrients we require in order to live a long, healthy and active life. Unfortunately, our body is not easily fooled and replies with a regular illness, low-energy and unappealing skin.

Mamma Mia! An Easy, Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce!

A good marinara sauce is hard to come by if you do not have an Italian grandmother to whip one up in the kitchen! Instead, you are left to your devices. However, it is not difficult to make an authentic Italian pasta sauce. All you need are fresh ingredients, and a little bit of time to make the perfect sauce.

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls and Fresh Dinner Rolls, Anyone?

How many of you out there love Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (or Koldormers), but absolutely hate the thought of parboiling the cabbage, carefully removing the cabbage leaves so they don’t tear, browning and mixing everything you need to put on the cabbage leaf and then roll it up to bake. Here is a much simpler way to get the same tasty dish!!! Of course fresh bread is always excellent with any meal!

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