Chocolate Cake Decorating by Rainbow Buttercream

Chocolate Cake Decorating by Rainbow Buttercream

Apple Grunt – An Amish Delight

Having been born and raised in Pennsylvania, the Amish community was a favorite place to camp and shop. One of the first cookbooks I created was Amish Recipes. Apple Grunt is a great dessert or in between meal snack.

Homemade Chocolate Frosting – The Perfect Finishing Touch For a Cake

Chocolate frosting is one of the easiest frostings you can make. Let me show you how to make a quick chocolate frosting that your family will love.

It Really Is the Icing on the Cake – How to Make Great Cake Icing

The frosting you use to ice your freshly baked cake makes a difference. Let me show you how easy it is to make great fluffy frosting.

3 Easy Ideas For Christmas Cookie Decorating With Kids

Share memorable moments with your children and help them learn how to decorate Christmas cookies your family can give as gifts. I will show you how with easy to follow instructions.

How to Decorate Sugar Cookies

Create the most beautiful sugar cookies ever using store-bought fondant. I will show you how to do it quickly.

3 Yummy Peanut Butter Snack Recipes That Kids Will Love

Peanut butter is such a comfort food. Prepare any of these delicious peanut butter snack recipes for kids and they’ll love snack time even more!

3 Super Yummy Kid-Friendly Strawberry Desserts To Try At Home

Is your little one a big fan of strawberries? Who isn’t? Try these delicious kid-friendly strawberry desserts at home!

Delicious No-Bake Cookie Recipes That Children Will Love

Want to put a smile on your little one’s face? Surprise them with these delicious no-bake cookies they’re surely love!

3 Mouth-Watering Healthy Desserts For Kids

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Then he’ll love to try these 3 mouth-watering healthy desserts for kids!

No Fake Cheesecake

It’s one of America’s most popular desserts and for good reason. Richly decadent, smooth and creamy, goes well with a myriad of fruits or syrups, and can turn a ho hum meal into an event, putting smiles on the faces of everyone. There are thousands of recipes, styles, varieties, ingredients and cooking methods but just the mere word conjures up visions of culinary bliss that few people can resist. It has been around for centuries in some variation. but somehow Americans seem to claim it as their own and have taken it to a higher level. We are a dessert-loving nation and cheesecake joins the ranks of the best.

When Dove Bars Took Flight

Like so many other beloved products, the Dove Bar started locally in a small candy store on Chicago’s Southwest side near Midway Airport Known in the neighborhood for years, people often drove out of their way to grab one of the rich ice cream bars, hand-dipped in chocolate and placed in the freezer at the front of the shop. It was simply one of those glorious treats that you gladly braved traffic and parking conditions for, just to purchase one. On hot summer nights you couldn’t crowd into the place, but people happily waited outside, knowing it was worth it. As with the Toll House cookie, who knew where its humble beginnings would lead?

Should You Buy Cakes Online Or At A Local Bakery Shop?

We all love eating cakes. If you don’t know how to make a cake, you can learn it. But if you don’t have the time to learn how to bake, you have another option: you can buy one at a local store or at an online store. Now, you might be thinking which option is better for you. This article will help you make the right choice.

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