Quick & Simple Cake Decorating Ideas | Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Recipes | So Yummy Cake

Quick & Simple Cake Decorating Ideas | Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Recipes | So Yummy Cake

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Fresh Dill Adds Colorful Character To Your Cuisine – Plus 1 Shrimp And 1 Quiche Recipe

Fresh dill is one herb you can find in many grocery stores. Its fragrant, feathery little fronds kick up the flavor in seafood, pot roasts, sauteed vegetables, salads, and breads. In this article I’ve included a unique take on the traditional shrimp fajita and a rich, cheesy sausage and asparagus quiche, both featuring fresh dill. With its versatility and health benefits, you’ll discover why this vibrant plant deserves to take up permanent residence in your refrigerator.

Healthy Recipe for Stuffed Potatoes

Here’s a cheap way to get lots of vitamins and minerals into your diet in just one dish. Try this stuffed potato recipe using the veggies of your choice for maximum taste.

Paleo Chili Is a Great Staple

If you’re like me, one of the most challenging aspects of changing the way I ate was having reliable staple foods that 1) I wanted to eat, 2) were easy to prepare, and 3) would generally last a workweek. One of the greatest dishes I was lucky to catch onto early in my paleo experience was CHILI. Chili is delicious. I love chili and most other people do as well. It’s easy to prepare and will keep well in the fridge for three or four days fresh. It even gets better the next day. What more could you ask for! If you are really prepared you can even make a huge batch and portion it off and freeze the individual portions for defrosting and reheating whenever you are ready for it.

How to Make Pumpkin Soda

Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall and obviously I want to use them when they’re right in the peak of their season. Most people would opt for pumpkin pie, soup, or cheesecake, but the first thing I start making is pumpkin soda. Why?

The Noble Bay Leaf From Kitchen to Craft

The Bay tree is long known for its use in wreaths crowning the victorious. Its very name, Laurus nobilis, means ‘renowned laurel’. A beautiful tree indigenous to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, it is now cultivated and grown in any temperate climate. An excellent container plant, it can be handy for cooking at any time. The strong leaves are beautiful for wreathes and other craft projects.

Easy Recipes for Two: The Stove, the Pantry, or the Microwave?

There are pretty much infinite easy recipes for two, but obviously you want to stick with what’s easiest for your comfort level (and budget!) Complicating the matter even more, what’s the mood? You won’t make the same meal for a proposal dinner as you will for your sister that’s running a marathon tomorrow, at least I hope not. So before we delve into the how, let’s explore the what a little bit.

The Savory Curry Leaf in Indian Cuisine

Lesser known outside Indian households, the Curry Tree, grows to a small tree in size. Curry leaves are used extensively used in southern and western Indian, as well as Sri Lankan cooking. Not to be confused with the European Curry Plant, Helichrysum italicum, Curry Leaves comes from the Curry Tree, Murraya koenigii. It is a tender, evergreen shrub reaching up to 20 feet tall in its native southwest Asian habitat. It grows in the foothills of the Himalayas, southern India and Sri Lanka, and is cultivated in many Indian gardens. The leaves are a mid green in color and grow about 16 to 20 on each small stalk. The small, star shaped white flowers grow in clusters in summer, followed by edible, peppery tasting black berries. It is best to use the leaves fresh. The leaves have little flavor once dried. A handful of dried leaves are needed to take the place of just a few, if fresh.

The Best Paleo Recipe for Meatloaf

You can start on the healthy lifestyle of paleo eating, and still eat delicious recipes. This recipe for paleo meatloaf is easy to make and will conform to the paleo diet.

Recipe For A Simple But Delicious Raw Food Bruschetta Entree

This is a recipe for a simple, healthy, delicious raw food bruschetta using a dehydrated aubergine as a base, with a white miso sauce. Raw food can be delicious and simple to make, and is a lot more exciting than simple salads.

My Electric Mixer For Bread

I have written about bread making basics and know how, and about making from scratch the bread that came down from my grandmother. I have taken this recipe and made it my own with a few changes and the Electric mixer to do the work. I avoided getting an Electric mixer for a long time, feeling I didn’t need it, but once I got one, it changed my life, and the way I made bread.

Planning Ahead for Healthful Eating at Holiday Parties

Planning ahead is key to staying on course with your eating plan during the holidays. When planning to eat healthfully at a holiday gathering know what you will eat and drink ahead of time. In the case of a potluck, take a lovingly prepared dish that is healthful and delicious. I have several ideas to help you plan and prepare for success.

How to Make Crepes: Basic Steps Involved in Making Crepes

A versatile crepe is able to make a light and satisfying dessert or even a main course. It is possible to create a delightful plate of crepes to serve up at almost any occasion. Crepes are also highly flexible in the fillings which might be included and might consist of plain sugar, chocolate, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and many more.

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